Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Ding Dong - Stern is Gone!

How happy I was to hear that Howard Stern is moving to satellite radio! Ever since he came onto my favorite classic rock radio station, I have boycotted the station. Not that I mind a bit of political incorrectness or bawdiness, but I just couldn't stomach Howard and the idea that so many people were actually entertained by him. Even people I know. I believe I surprised a girlfriend one evening when I refused to rent Private Parts with her. He's on the same list as Jerry Springer and televangelists, which reminds me of mom and dad. When I was a young adult, I remember how upset my mom was that the Bakers had not been good stewards of the money she sent them.

The first Christmas after my divorce when my kids were with their dad, I spent the night at my step-sister's. Late in the afternoon, I was ready to take off for home - I had been there since Christmas Eve, gotten up with my nephews, eaten dinner with the family. Everyone was glued in front of the TV watching the Jerry Springer tape my dad had gotten for Christmas. He had retired that year and was sinking into the daytime TV quagmire. When I said goodbye, they all jumped up - surprised that I would leave during the show!

I don't do daytime trash TV or televangelists or radio shock jock shows or checkout tabloids. I just can't.

Enjoy the orbit, Howard.

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