Friday, November 04, 2005

The New Blender

For my birthday, I asked for and got a blender. In fact, it was the very one I looked at in Target that same morning. When I told my husband that I wanted a blender, he asked "don't you want a food processor?" Apparently, he wants a food processor. So the blender has a food processor attachment. It is glass also - nice. We've made smoothies every day since my birthday, which is what I wanted the blender for. Well, if truth be told, I want to make milkshakes, but we'll be making smoothies until my weight/cholesterol/blood pressure goes down. And then we'll just continue with the smoothies.

Another blending thought has been the blended family thing. We've been married 2-1/2 years. My son lives with us and my husband is picking up his son at the airport today. He is coming home from Miami where he was with his girlfriend the last couple months. The daughters (one for each of us) are out on their own and haven't lived with us. We are beyond the 'adjustment/it's all new to everyone' stage and onto the 'this is our family' stage. I want everyone to be happy - mistake number one since that's impossible. Coming from a blended family, I think I'm overly sensitive to the resentment that can build; although my mom came from a blended family and it seemed like everyone accepted the situation. Maybe that's just from my point of view when I was a child being around my aunts and uncles. What's funny is that out of our four kids, the one that seems most ok with it is the one that had the most trouble with us in the beginning. I guess you never know how things will turn out. I hope we can continue to commit ourselves to doing what's best for everyone. For now, I'm going to tidy up the house while hubby is gone & think about a 'welcome back' celebration of sorts for my stepson. I hope he likes smoothies!

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