Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Grocery Shopping

What a chore grocery shopping can be! It's especially hateful in bad weather. There are so many steps. Having a menu and making a list can be optional, but make things easier in the long run. Usually I just make a list of what we're out of and forget at least one or two things so that they have to carry over to the next list. Cutting coupons can save money, but take time. Usually I cut and keep the coupons until they expire. On really good days, I'll have cut coupons for what's on sale and have a triple coupon to go with it - SUPER-SHOPPER!! But at the very least, the first step is to get in the car and go to the store. Then it's get the item from the shelf, comparing prices, put it in the basket, repeat. Next the items get put on the conveyor where the cashier swipes each one, the bagger puts them in bags, the bags go back into the cart. The cart goes out to the car, the bags go into the trunk, car goes home, bags go into the house and one by one each item gets put away. It really just wears me out. But I should be thankful that we have food and a car is such a blessing after seeing prople walking with bags of groceries. This morning there was a woman with a red coat, three plastic bags and one paper bag of groceries that I did not stop to ask if she needed help. I suck.

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