Monday, November 28, 2005

2 Things

I've managed to accomplish today - run the dishwasher & throw a load of towels in - hmmmm....Basically things that operate by pushing a button and/or turning a knob. This seems like enough for one day - the first day on my own while my sweetie is gone on business. The next two weeks will be spent trying not to become a total lump on the couch or sleeping as continuously as possible in bed. An insurmountable lethargy sets in when he is gone, even though a running list goes through my head of things to get done, get caught up on or even enjoy. Some housework, cleaning up, decluttering the bedrooms, planting those bulbs dammit, joining the natatorium, getting a haircut, a massage, a manicure... serious doubts exist that any of this will happen. My head hurts now - I'm going to lie down.

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