Friday, November 25, 2005

Reading Glasses

At first, needing reading glasses was fun - picking out a funky pair with a cool case and the thing you fasten them on to hang them around your neck. I had a red pair when I worked at Target. I bought three pair from Target's dollar bin. Only the red pair survive and that's only because they are in my mailbox at the library where I work because I HAVE to have them there. But the other three? Hmmm...there was a pair for my purse, a pair for the living room and a pair for the bedroom. The first pair had to go - it was the weakest strength and no longer worked. So that meant there had to be movement of one or more of the other pair to where they were needed at any given time. Of course, a pair got misplaced and now I have travelled to my mother-in-law's for Thanksgiving with the last pair in my purse, but every time I look for them I can't find them. I've seen them once in the bedroom, used them once in the kitchen and have no idea where they are now. Now I hate wearing them. My frustration keeps increasing every time I go to read something - newspaper, book, computer screen - and can't find my glasses. The crossword wasn't even fun this morning. The next pair will have to be a ball and chain around my neck advertising to the world that I'm a middle-aged woman.

My mother-in-law called to let me know she found my glasses - now I have a spare pair there!!

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