Friday, February 12, 2010

On the farm

The apartment is one bedroom, a nice size kitchen/dining area, a living room with a nice sized TV and a bathroom.  There is a bed that comes down from a cupboard and an extra cot, so if we have guests visit, there will be room.  It is dark when we arrive about 7 pm and we snack on a baguette with cheese with a couple Diekirch beers.  Betten, the village where we are staying is a couple miles from Diekirch, which has a brewery.  Most people in the area drink Diekirch in order to support this local business.  The owners of the farm have arranged to the wi-fi to be moved closer to the apartment, but we cannot get online and will need to wait for Monday.  So much for calling the kids to say we’ve arrived safely.
When it is light out the next morning, I step out for a smoke and look around.  One of the herding dogs was laying outside the door and went off when I came out.  Looking around, the only modern items in sight are a kids Little Tikes style slide, a small tractor with a load of firewood on the trailer, and a basketball hoop in the driveway.  That must be for the two school aged boys that live here.  On the farm. 
Looking around, it reminds me of The Princess Bride when the farm boy would say “as you wish”.  Or Everafter with Cinderella walking down the lane and being noticed by the prince.  If it weren’t for the slide, tractor and hoop – it would be so.  In Bettel or Diekirch it is easy to picture Belle shopping for books. 
We slept for 14 hours after our 24 hour+ day of travel.  Ready to settle in!  On the farm.

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