Tuesday, February 09, 2010

A Day of Travel

We left from our local airport late in the afternoon on Friday.  A big storm was coming through and our flight was delayed for de-icing.  It looked like we were getting out of town just in time.  Already people were unable to get to their destinations because of the weather.  We changed flights in Detroit with a 3-4 hour layover.  By the time we got a meal that would have been a lot better had it been warmer at Chili’s, went to the bathroom and got to our gate, the plane was already boarding.  That is perfect timing.  As is common on some international flights, the plane was not full and so we were able to take turns laying down in the center 4-seat wide section to sleep.  Before my turn I was able to watch the movie Up.  Well, actually I saw the little 7 or 8-year old girl across the aisle from me watching it, so brought it up on my TV unit.  I noticed a bit later that the young woman behind the little girl had started to watch Up also!  I wonder if the Up-idemic spread.  Another 4 hour layover in Amsterdam one gate down from the smoking area.  Now it is late in the afternoon in Europe.  After a city-hopper flight to Luxembourg, we arrive!  A co-worker was kind enough to pick us up on a Saturday afternoon and take us to pick up the company car.  Oh my!  A Mercedes!  I don’t think I’ve ever been in one!  We then followed him to our apartment in a farmhouse.  On a farm. 

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