Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Tinies of Raglan Shire – a web comic - Adventure!

The Tinies of Raglan Shire – a web comic - Adventure!

The Tinies of Second Life are up to something.

You can hear about it on BBC it's the March 12 podcast.

You can visit their site JazzPaws


Pinterest is the 'new' thing - a fun, easy, interesting - Pin-teresting social network thingy.
I have a Pinterest board. Hey! You can follow me if you'd like!

There are many boards and pins about things that I thought I was the only weirdo interested in like:
Doors - or portals, entryways
Repurposing - using stuff in a different way it was intended
Tattoos - usually ones the pinner likes, not that they have any themselves

And of course there's: Home Decor, DIY, Photography, Travel, Books, Art, Recipes, Crafts, Weddings and yes, there are even  boards that have manly stuff (sometimes created by MEN!)

In the few weeks that I've been using Pinterest, brands have jumped on board.  Those pesky marketers, they just can't leave us alone!

So here are the tools I use to Pin.  First the Pin It bookmarklet. Then wherever you are on the web, you can Pin right then and there!  I also use the Pin Page bookmarklet if just one picture won't do.  But the best tool I use is the 'search Google with this image' because many popular pins have be 're-pinned' over and over again.  When you click on a Pin, it takes you to the address it came from which will be on someone's Pinterest page.  Now if you'd like to actually go to the site that the pin is about (for recipes or instructions, etc.) you can hopefully get there from where you are (where was I?) If I think that will be the case AND I can find the original site, that's where I want my Pin to take my  followers to (are you following this?) PLUS there has been much conversation about copyright violation, SO I use the 'search Google with this image' in order to:
Find out where the original pin came from and/or find out if it's copyrighted.  Sometimes it's difficult to find out and if so, I can go back and 'repin' the Pin that I saw in the first place hoping it's not illegal.

There a lots of other tools; you can search for 'Pinterest tools' either in Pinterest or a search engine to investigate.  For web sites, you can add buttons allowing visitors to Pin something or follow you on Pinterest.  (That's the next thing I'll do) So far, everything has been easy-peasy.  If you have any questions or would like me to follow you - just give me a shout out here with a comment or repin, comment or follow me on Pinterest.  I try to visit and follow everyone that has stopped by so I hope to see you around!