Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Free? Speech

Democracy in action! The pentagon paying for good news in Iraq -- that'll show 'em how it's done. The baby democracy can learn by our great example.

This should help the president's rating.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Cable ala carte

This is what I've been saying for years! Why pay for cable channels you don't want or use? The cable company and the less poplular channels need you to. Hopefully, the consumers of cable will drive the market and thus improve cable for everyone.

Monday, November 28, 2005

What's Yer Hobo Name?

John Hodgman was on the Daily Show. He was undescribably hilarious, stumping Jon Stewart at times. He lists 700 hobo names in his book and reads them online.

It takes almost an hour. I'd like to get the book - I'm listening for "Boxcar Dilday"'s name LOL.

A Few More Things

The EU met with the Mediterranian countries and now Israel, Arabs Back Anti-Terror Code .

According to this World News Article regarding the Gaza elections, there were some people who didn't notice.

And since it was a EU-MED summit, we weren't there. Although maybe we are keeping and torturing terrorists there. But we're not sure what to say about all of it. CIA claims: US needs time for reply.


2 Things

I've managed to accomplish today - run the dishwasher & throw a load of towels in - hmmmm....Basically things that operate by pushing a button and/or turning a knob. This seems like enough for one day - the first day on my own while my sweetie is gone on business. The next two weeks will be spent trying not to become a total lump on the couch or sleeping as continuously as possible in bed. An insurmountable lethargy sets in when he is gone, even though a running list goes through my head of things to get done, get caught up on or even enjoy. Some housework, cleaning up, decluttering the bedrooms, planting those bulbs dammit, joining the natatorium, getting a haircut, a massage, a manicure... serious doubts exist that any of this will happen. My head hurts now - I'm going to lie down.

Friday, November 25, 2005

Reading Glasses

At first, needing reading glasses was fun - picking out a funky pair with a cool case and the thing you fasten them on to hang them around your neck. I had a red pair when I worked at Target. I bought three pair from Target's dollar bin. Only the red pair survive and that's only because they are in my mailbox at the library where I work because I HAVE to have them there. But the other three? Hmmm...there was a pair for my purse, a pair for the living room and a pair for the bedroom. The first pair had to go - it was the weakest strength and no longer worked. So that meant there had to be movement of one or more of the other pair to where they were needed at any given time. Of course, a pair got misplaced and now I have travelled to my mother-in-law's for Thanksgiving with the last pair in my purse, but every time I look for them I can't find them. I've seen them once in the bedroom, used them once in the kitchen and have no idea where they are now. Now I hate wearing them. My frustration keeps increasing every time I go to read something - newspaper, book, computer screen - and can't find my glasses. The crossword wasn't even fun this morning. The next pair will have to be a ball and chain around my neck advertising to the world that I'm a middle-aged woman.

My mother-in-law called to let me know she found my glasses - now I have a spare pair there!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Grocery Shopping

What a chore grocery shopping can be! It's especially hateful in bad weather. There are so many steps. Having a menu and making a list can be optional, but make things easier in the long run. Usually I just make a list of what we're out of and forget at least one or two things so that they have to carry over to the next list. Cutting coupons can save money, but take time. Usually I cut and keep the coupons until they expire. On really good days, I'll have cut coupons for what's on sale and have a triple coupon to go with it - SUPER-SHOPPER!! But at the very least, the first step is to get in the car and go to the store. Then it's get the item from the shelf, comparing prices, put it in the basket, repeat. Next the items get put on the conveyor where the cashier swipes each one, the bagger puts them in bags, the bags go back into the cart. The cart goes out to the car, the bags go into the trunk, car goes home, bags go into the house and one by one each item gets put away. It really just wears me out. But I should be thankful that we have food and a car is such a blessing after seeing prople walking with bags of groceries. This morning there was a woman with a red coat, three plastic bags and one paper bag of groceries that I did not stop to ask if she needed help. I suck.

Monday, November 21, 2005

God is/is not every/anywhere

We can teach about religion in public schools, but not teach religion.
The truth about God in public schools - Yahoo! News

God is all over our government !
Atheist sues over "In God We Trust" on money - Yahoo! News

Including the FDA!
At FDA, religion tops science - Yahoo! News

Longtime Physician To Head FDA Office Of Women's Health (sure glad they didn't stick with the vet) 11/15/2005 Report: Politics blocked contraceptive pill that religious politics?

Plan B could be a place of compromise - in with the morning after pill, out with partial birth abortions.

Monday, November 14, 2005

From Folk to Punk

Friday night folk music; Sunday night punk rock. Took my son Chris to a Pennywise concert at the House of Blues in Cleveland. Sitting behind a rail a step up from the mosh pit felt safe physically. Chris got to touch the lead singer when he came down towards the crowd, so that was a highlight. Knowing more than half the songs made the concert very enjoyable although I felt like a 45 year old freak being at a punk concert. Listening to the lyrics and observing the crowd, it looks like the youth of today are in good hands heading in the right direction. The messages that came across to me were make up your own mind; have your own opinions and beliefs without forcing them on others; be aware of your world.

Someone does need to explain that mosh pit thing though. WTF

Friday, November 11, 2005

John Gorka

We're off to The 39th Annual Kent State Folk Festival tonight to see John Gorka at the Kent Stage. Our friend Ben is coming from Michigan. Usually we call him from any folk venue to make him jealous since we seem to live in a folk music mecca here. But first my darling will install a new window in the front room. Tomorrow the boys will blow in insulation. Such industrious creatures they are.

Friday, November 04, 2005

The New Blender

For my birthday, I asked for and got a blender. In fact, it was the very one I looked at in Target that same morning. When I told my husband that I wanted a blender, he asked "don't you want a food processor?" Apparently, he wants a food processor. So the blender has a food processor attachment. It is glass also - nice. We've made smoothies every day since my birthday, which is what I wanted the blender for. Well, if truth be told, I want to make milkshakes, but we'll be making smoothies until my weight/cholesterol/blood pressure goes down. And then we'll just continue with the smoothies.

Another blending thought has been the blended family thing. We've been married 2-1/2 years. My son lives with us and my husband is picking up his son at the airport today. He is coming home from Miami where he was with his girlfriend the last couple months. The daughters (one for each of us) are out on their own and haven't lived with us. We are beyond the 'adjustment/it's all new to everyone' stage and onto the 'this is our family' stage. I want everyone to be happy - mistake number one since that's impossible. Coming from a blended family, I think I'm overly sensitive to the resentment that can build; although my mom came from a blended family and it seemed like everyone accepted the situation. Maybe that's just from my point of view when I was a child being around my aunts and uncles. What's funny is that out of our four kids, the one that seems most ok with it is the one that had the most trouble with us in the beginning. I guess you never know how things will turn out. I hope we can continue to commit ourselves to doing what's best for everyone. For now, I'm going to tidy up the house while hubby is gone & think about a 'welcome back' celebration of sorts for my stepson. I hope he likes smoothies!

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Ding Dong - Stern is Gone!

How happy I was to hear that Howard Stern is moving to satellite radio! Ever since he came onto my favorite classic rock radio station, I have boycotted the station. Not that I mind a bit of political incorrectness or bawdiness, but I just couldn't stomach Howard and the idea that so many people were actually entertained by him. Even people I know. I believe I surprised a girlfriend one evening when I refused to rent Private Parts with her. He's on the same list as Jerry Springer and televangelists, which reminds me of mom and dad. When I was a young adult, I remember how upset my mom was that the Bakers had not been good stewards of the money she sent them.

The first Christmas after my divorce when my kids were with their dad, I spent the night at my step-sister's. Late in the afternoon, I was ready to take off for home - I had been there since Christmas Eve, gotten up with my nephews, eaten dinner with the family. Everyone was glued in front of the TV watching the Jerry Springer tape my dad had gotten for Christmas. He had retired that year and was sinking into the daytime TV quagmire. When I said goodbye, they all jumped up - surprised that I would leave during the show!

I don't do daytime trash TV or televangelists or radio shock jock shows or checkout tabloids. I just can't.

Enjoy the orbit, Howard.