Tuesday, August 22, 2006

It's a Girl!

Our future grand-baby is a girl! My husband went to the doctor's appointment with the expectant mommy and her mother. He was so excited and has pictures of the ultra-sound which I hope to post. Now when I'm out and see something cute, I can go ahead and BUY it! Due date: December 31.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Rescue Me

Being an educated, professional couple I hate to admit to some of the television shows we watch. The quantity of television is also very high. Some of our favorites are CSI, 24, Law & Order SVU and Criminal Intent, Emeril Live, What not to Wear, any dog shows, poker & ultimate fighting (husband) and Lost (me). We watched a season or two of Nip/Tuck - just when you think things couldn't get weirder - gotta see what they come up with next. Hubby also likes Desperate Housewives. So some of this trash TV is entertaining in an outlandishly raunchy kind of way. Our newest discovery is Rescue Me - the fire station that would be down the street from the Desperate Housewives if it were in the suburbs. We laughed out loud - very loudly.

Other TV comedy I like: The Daily Show and The Colbert Report. Dead Like Me which was cancelled after 2 seasons on Showtime and is now being rerun on cable, but not the same being edited for language.

Oh, and we have Media Center so all this is recorded and watched without commercials at our convenience for hours at a time. Next entertainment post must be about reading books....

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Suicide Hotline change

Please take note of this change. If this affects you or your family, make sure those who may need the number have it with them. For anyone who has contemplated suicide, never hesitate to call. If you are ever having suicidal thoughts, contact your doctor, the suicide hotline or go to the nearest emergency room. Suicidal thoughts are symptoms of mental illness and symptoms can be treated.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Sunday, August 13, 2006

They're not teenagers anymore

A friend of my step-son's moved back in with us a couple weeks ago. He turned 21 shortly after. The guy is working 2 full time jobs and is going to start at the Police Academy at the end of the month. He'll have to quit his day job. He's stayed with us before and is really nice to have around.

My step-son turns 21 on Monday. He'll be getting his real estate license soon. I know he's a natural and can't wait to see him in action. He's going to be a dad, but isn't romantically together with the mom right now. Life can get complicated.

My future son-in-law turns 21 on Tuesday. I remember meeting him when he was 18 and promising me he would never quit high school - then didn't make it through that year. But he's since received his GED, is a welder and is going to college this fall. He and my daughter have made it through some tough times and I respect him for that. He loves her and I love him for that.

My daughter will be 20 next month! As many a mom has found, we get along so well now. What a relief that the struggling adolescent years are behind us. The tough choices I made with her still pain me and anger her. As time goes on, may our new relationship heal those hurts that linger.

My step-daughter will be 25 and is ingrained in her adulthood. She is finishing college, thinking of grad school and involved with her boyfriend's business. They live in Memphis and I haven't seen her since before we got married. Maybe I can go next time her dad visits.

A kid in college

It's happening - my daughter got financial aid and is signing up for classes on Monday! She will be going to Stark State College for Early Childhood Education. I graduated from there in 1982 with an Associate's Degree in Mechanical Engineering. She is very nervous about school since it's been a while since high school and even though she's very intelligent, her effort at that time wasn't all that great. Of course (I tell her and myself) I can help her with everything! Is this a mother's way of saying I am still needed? Since I have forced her to be very independent to the point of making her feel that I don't want to help her, it may be my way of easing the guilt.

This is a proud and exciting time. Hopefully she will find the same inspiration, motivation and determination that college gave me - plus the career and financial success that follows.

Of course we'll watch Kitty for you

Recently we lost our cat, Bones so when my daughter asked if we could take her cat for a while, we said yes. Her name is Kitty since they couldn't come up with a name for her. Makes sense to me -- that's all we really ever called Bones anyway. So Kitty is beautiful - black with very nice white markings. She is very smart. She has been known to put the scooper in the litter box if she wants it cleaned and even brought it to my daughter when that was ignored. She doesn't care for the dog, but is settling in nicely having chosen her spots to hang out. The world is on her terms - she will make you pet her, but doesn't like it if you pet her. She likes to nip affectionately -- we do not like this. One evening she crawled on my chest as I was on the laptop and 'nipped' my cheek. I yelled with surprise, threw up my hands; she fled, the laptop flew to the floor. Hubby was like 'what the--?' So now I try to avoid her love bites.

Kitty will be going back with my daughter when they get a new place. I wonder if she'll remember us?