Thursday, June 29, 2006

Ultimate Fighting Challenge

There are many sports watched at our house. Hockey - my husband is from Michigan and is a Detroit Red Wings fan. He graduated from Michigan State or is that U of M? (just kidding, honey) So we follow the Spartans football and basketball. We watch the NCAA March Madness basketball tournament. We watch the Superbowl - well, at least the commercials and I like to catch the halftime show. LeBron James and Ben Curtis are from 'round here. Golf and poker are on the TV at all possible times. All was well for me, the only woman in a house of three males. But then my husband discovered the UFC.

This no-holds-barred any style of fighting is too violent for me. The big talking is like WWF for intelligent people. So here I sit blogging and surfing the internet. Is there a UFC 'season'? I doubt it.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Northside

Tonight my son played bass guitar on stage with his guitar teacher at open mic night! It was so exciting for both of us. He did a great job and will be going back often, I'm sure.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

But the cat didn't come back

Not really knowing what could be causing her somewhat comatose condition, the vet put the cat to sleep last night. Actually, she has a name but we usually referred to her as 'the cat.' My husband took her from friends who rescued her as a stray. She was bone skinny, so he called her Bones, which is short for Bonita. We will miss her reading the paper in bed with us on Sunday and her playing with Mattie. After Mattie is ok, we'll think about another cat to keep her company. This time a short-haired cat because we won't miss the long white hair or lovely hairballs Bones left behind. My dad lives out in the country and has 14 acres of woods. He's been feeding cats for years and has a large colony of wild cats that just had kittens. Years ago, the kids and I took a kitten and it was the best cat - really beautiful and a great buddy to our other cat. When we moved, we were fortunate to be able to give them to a family so that they could stay together. My stepmom says the new kittens are really cute. My niece has taken one already. Mattie goes to the vet this morning and will still take medicine for another ten days.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The cat's turn

My husband, stepson and friend are taking the cat to the vet ER. She was lying at the bottom of the stairs, which is an unusual place for her to be, for the longest time. When I went to close the door and it got close to her, she didn't move a muscle. When I bent down to shoo her up, she just laid there so I called the guys to come check her. She was just lying there not moving and when my husband picked her up, she was just limp so we called the vet. My husband says he thinks she may have had a stroke.

You don't realize how much pets are part of the family until something happens to them. Mattie, recovering from her herniated disc, lost control of her bladder lying next to me on the couch. I thought she was slobbering on me until I saw that it wasn't that end that was wet! She goes back for a recheck on Thursday.

Our big worry is vacation coming up. My stepson is staying, but he works or goes to school every day. I hope nothing serious happens while we're gone. That would really suck.

Outer Banks Vacation

We're spending next week in Salvo, North Carolina on the outer banks near Cape Hatteras. My dad and step-mom rent a big house and all of us kids and our families spend the week by and in the pool and hottub, at the beach, fishing, surfing, kayaking, cooking, resting, playing games and visiting. We haven't been able to all be together for a while. My dad has four kids and so does my step-mom and we don't synchronize around the holidays as well as we used to. This is the third year going. There's about thirty of us. It is the absolute best time.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Bad Hair

I have a pet peeve about bad hair on TV - on people who should know better, whose livelihood depends in part on how they look. Assuming there's someone whose job it is to do the hair and makeup thing on these guys - they should be fired! Someone should do a reality show makeover of these people! Here are some of the people I see that I cannot believe have hair this bad:

Jim Angle - combover
Bill Gates - please get a good haircut

The Donald almost as famous for his hair as he is for being, well, "The Donald"

John Gibson (2)
What is with these
guys on Fox?


My son plays the bass guitar as well as the electric guitar. His teacher has just moved to a space in an art gallery above the Northside. They have an open mic nite Mondays and the two of them are working on playing there soon. How cool is that? You can hear him on Myspace or email him at

My Paintings

I've entered three paintings in a student art show! It opens Monday - they are judging today. I'm nervous, excited, proud and did I say excited?

Mattie our French Bulldog

Mattie our French Bulldog is suffering from a herniated disc. She's being treated with medication and cage rest. She's our baby.