Wednesday, June 14, 2006

But the cat didn't come back

Not really knowing what could be causing her somewhat comatose condition, the vet put the cat to sleep last night. Actually, she has a name but we usually referred to her as 'the cat.' My husband took her from friends who rescued her as a stray. She was bone skinny, so he called her Bones, which is short for Bonita. We will miss her reading the paper in bed with us on Sunday and her playing with Mattie. After Mattie is ok, we'll think about another cat to keep her company. This time a short-haired cat because we won't miss the long white hair or lovely hairballs Bones left behind. My dad lives out in the country and has 14 acres of woods. He's been feeding cats for years and has a large colony of wild cats that just had kittens. Years ago, the kids and I took a kitten and it was the best cat - really beautiful and a great buddy to our other cat. When we moved, we were fortunate to be able to give them to a family so that they could stay together. My stepmom says the new kittens are really cute. My niece has taken one already. Mattie goes to the vet this morning and will still take medicine for another ten days.

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