Sunday, August 13, 2006

A kid in college

It's happening - my daughter got financial aid and is signing up for classes on Monday! She will be going to Stark State College for Early Childhood Education. I graduated from there in 1982 with an Associate's Degree in Mechanical Engineering. She is very nervous about school since it's been a while since high school and even though she's very intelligent, her effort at that time wasn't all that great. Of course (I tell her and myself) I can help her with everything! Is this a mother's way of saying I am still needed? Since I have forced her to be very independent to the point of making her feel that I don't want to help her, it may be my way of easing the guilt.

This is a proud and exciting time. Hopefully she will find the same inspiration, motivation and determination that college gave me - plus the career and financial success that follows.

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