Sunday, August 13, 2006

Of course we'll watch Kitty for you

Recently we lost our cat, Bones so when my daughter asked if we could take her cat for a while, we said yes. Her name is Kitty since they couldn't come up with a name for her. Makes sense to me -- that's all we really ever called Bones anyway. So Kitty is beautiful - black with very nice white markings. She is very smart. She has been known to put the scooper in the litter box if she wants it cleaned and even brought it to my daughter when that was ignored. She doesn't care for the dog, but is settling in nicely having chosen her spots to hang out. The world is on her terms - she will make you pet her, but doesn't like it if you pet her. She likes to nip affectionately -- we do not like this. One evening she crawled on my chest as I was on the laptop and 'nipped' my cheek. I yelled with surprise, threw up my hands; she fled, the laptop flew to the floor. Hubby was like 'what the--?' So now I try to avoid her love bites.

Kitty will be going back with my daughter when they get a new place. I wonder if she'll remember us?

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