Wednesday, February 10, 2010

And a baguette

Having only water to drink and trail mix left from snacking on the plane, we have to go out for lunch and groceries.  We have omelets with ham and cheese, frites (fries) and small salad.  Coffee comes with a small candy or cookie here.  We get caramel on a thin cookie wafer covered in white chocolate.  I think it would be nice to save these to take home to share since they can have different treats at each cafe.  Of course that would be impossible, but it’s a nice thought.  Rob didn’t care for his, so gave it to me(bonus!).  If I wouldn’t have already eaten mine that could have been the extra to take home.  Or not.  Hey – it’s still a nice thought.  Now the search for an open grocery store.  It is Sunday and having been told by our friend which one may be open we find they are all closed  Luckily the shop at the gas station has enough and we get eggs, cream, sugar, coffee, cheese, bread and of course, a baguette.  Tomorrow will be a trip to pick up what other things we made need from the grocery store.  I will most likely find a market to pick up dinner every day or so.  And a baguette. 
I’m also going to try to find a baking or pastry class.

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