Friday, February 26, 2010


In Bruges, we saw:
Church of Our Lady – Michelangelo's Madonna and Child – absolutely stunning.  It is such a great honor to see such a sculpture.
Basilica of the Holy Blood – Christian relics are everywhere in Europe
Groeninge Museum which contains many works by the Flemish masters.  One I found most interesting was Bosch’s Last Judgment:
BoschLastJudgement Apocalyptic themes were popular, but the freaky symbolism fascinated me – and we think modern art can be weird.
We stayed at the B & B Marieke.  A few pics from our room:
 STA72533 Lace toilet paper holder – Lace is big in Bruges. STA72531 A tiny robe hanging on a peg.
At the Bistro De Schaar I had a dom blanche (chocolate sundae) which was beautiful.  The waiter said “you can take a picture.”  But I didn’t – it was delicious, though.
We will be returning in March to see many more museums, monuments and churches.  We already have our reservations at the Marieke.

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