Monday, February 06, 2006

Rolling Stones Censured and so much more

Rolling Stones Censured

Perhaps we are on our way....
TV censors deemed two lyrics too sexually explicit to be broadcast and they were cut from the three-song show.....ABC said the changes to the Stones' show were made by the US National Football League (NFL) and its producers.
and So Much More:

It seems there's a trend to control free speech around the world. If people are already dying as a result of the Islam cartoons, what happens next? What is the reaction of countries whose embassies have been attached? Which Muslim countries will band together about this?

Countries are in flux about elections, democracy, power: In Nepal
The rebels have called the week-long strike as part of a campaign to disrupt local elections due on Wednesday.
And then there's the countries getting and wanting weapons:

Venezuela and Iran:
Iran's dispute with the international community over its nuclear program deteriorated sharply yesterday when Tehran withdrew from an agreement with the UN's atomic watchdog and stepped up its controversial uranium enrichment work.
And we have troops in Iraq and Afghanistan fighting a war on terror which includes wiretapping American citizens. Is the world becoming a jumbled, confusing, difficult and scary place? Or has it always been that way and we didn't happen to live through it like the generations before us: WWI & II, the Cold War - you get the idea.


girlfriday said...

I agree, there is a concern here. But wiretapping people who are chatting with Al Quaeda isn't quite in the same ballpark as the NFL (providing full notification to the Stones) censoring a few lyrics not appropriate for all audiences?

Unknown said...

Yes, that is true. I believe that the wiretapping is necessary as part of the war on terror. At our house we have my husband the conservative, myself the mixed up middle of the road driver, and my 14 yr old idealistic left-wing son. So my son says he's going to look up an Al Quaeda number and call it - what a funny guy. I know he's just saying that, but it's a good thing our cell phones don't have international long distance and we have no land lines!