Thursday, November 18, 2010

I Love my Coffee!

Have I found a deal! Did you know that Amazon sells food and all kinds of other stuff? Every Friday they have a Friday sale? That you can subscribe to receive shipments of stuff on a regular basis? No? Well then let me tell you about the deal I found!

Since going to Europe, American coffee is like brown water to me. My step-son bought us a Tassimo coffee maker for Christmas one year. This thing has lasted for a long time and we use it to make numerous cups every morning. Even though it makes espresso, cappuccino, tea, hot chocolate and you can even get Starbucks coffee pods, we use regular old Maxwell House pods because they are the cheapest. Not all stores carry the pods and a pack of 16 is $5.99 at Giant Eagle and Target.

Now for the deal:  A pack of 5 packages on Amazon is $26.13 which is $5.22/pack.  The subscription price is $22.21 which is $4.42/pack for a savings of $1.57 per pack.  I ordered 2 of the 5-packs to be delivered once/month.  No shipping, no sales tax and I've saved $15.70 AND they are delivered to my house!  So for $44.20 I get 10 packages that would have cost me $59.90 plus tax. 

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