Friday, June 27, 2008

My Bike

Today I picked up my bike from Marty's Bike Shop.  Two unfortunate incidents occurred last year that put the bike out of commission: flattening of the tires and an attempt to steal it.  When it was stolen, it was ridden down the block and then dumped in a neighbor's yard because the tires were flat.  Now there is a new wheel and it's tuned up and ready to go. 


With my Cateye bike computer, I can keep track of ... my bike riding (as soon as I learn how to use it!).  I also found a great site for logging everything I do: figuring out mileage of my rides, looking at maps - it works for walks and hikes, too.  MapMyRide will even find riders in your area!  It's almost as fun as riding!  So far, I've been taking easy rides.  Slight hills are work for me right now.  Trips down the street to the drugstore, etc. are now made on my bike.  I will save drops of gas by the gallon! 

If you are thinking about or just want to read about riding, my inspiration came from Zen Habits: Commuting by Bike. (one of my favorite blogs).  Happy Trails!

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Lance said...

Have fun commuting on your new bike - it looks nice! I'm a fellow biker. I rode to work today, and am leaving (on my bike) in a few minutes. It's a lot of fun (and healthy, and saves gas, and is good for the environment). Enjoy!