Thursday, April 24, 2008

91.3 The Summit

The World Cafe is a great NPR music show that airs on my favorite radio station, 91.3 The Summit, from 6-8 am instead of talk, news, and other NON-music crap. It's a public radio station and plays a wide variety of music from the 70's - 90's and today. They have live streaming audio at their website - go check it out!

On the World Cafe, the host, David Dye, interviews and introduces a very wide variety of music from familiar folks like MarkKnopfler to totally eclectic and new to me groups like this one:

World Cafe, April 17, 2008 - Ranging in age from 72 to 88, the members of the
Young@Heart chorus don't let age interfere with their passion for performing youthful music. Originally formed in 1982, the group began in a housing project for the elderly in Massachusetts.
In this segment, host David Dye interviews Stephen Walker (director of Young@Heart), as well as chorus director Bob Cilman and members of the group. The film, in theaters this week, follows a chorus of elderly singers with a real passion for life.
Young@Heart's repertoire is like a set list of rock's greatest hits. The group sings songs by Lou Reed, The Rolling Stones, Coldplay, Sonic Youth, The Clash, and OutKast.
Its debut album, Mostly Live, was recently released.

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