Monday, July 10, 2006

At Home

Asking myself the question - am I doing this?
A parent at home can create a cohesive family lifestyle in the midst of today’s rushed and media-distracted lifestyles. The at-home parent can hold down the fort during the day, provide loving care to the children, create home cooked and healthy meals for everyone and create a calm, peaceful sanctuary for the whole family. The home-based parent can be an anchor in the storm of daily modern life and a strong and living "heart" at the center of the family.

At first, all that was true. I had been laid off, we were just married and I was in my perfect world resting from a life of a working single parent of two. Then I needed a job, worked full-time at Target before getting my dream job at the library. For a few months, I worked at both places which wore me out considerably. After leaving Target, my hours at the library changed to Tue & Wed 9-2 and Thur 11-4. Now if that isn't the most perfect schedule in the world. So you would think that peaceful sanctuary would reappear. Umm, more like a mediocre pit stop.

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