Thursday, June 29, 2006

Ultimate Fighting Challenge

There are many sports watched at our house. Hockey - my husband is from Michigan and is a Detroit Red Wings fan. He graduated from Michigan State or is that U of M? (just kidding, honey) So we follow the Spartans football and basketball. We watch the NCAA March Madness basketball tournament. We watch the Superbowl - well, at least the commercials and I like to catch the halftime show. LeBron James and Ben Curtis are from 'round here. Golf and poker are on the TV at all possible times. All was well for me, the only woman in a house of three males. But then my husband discovered the UFC.

This no-holds-barred any style of fighting is too violent for me. The big talking is like WWF for intelligent people. So here I sit blogging and surfing the internet. Is there a UFC 'season'? I doubt it.

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Anonymous said...

No, there is not a UFC season - Just one big all year thing. Your comment about the WWF shows a lack of careful analysis.... UFC is 'real fighting' ... though it has been skillfully package... :-)