Tuesday, March 09, 2010


Ahhh Travels - some of our most memorable times have been the mishaps of getting to where we're going.  Usually I turn the wrong way from the start and spend a LOT of time trying to get either where I'm going or at least where I've come from.  This past weekend in Paris, I didn't bring the hotel address or map or directions, so we wandered in the direction I thought it was, asked a few times and finally made it.

Also, when planning the return trip every leg of the journey should be thought through.  Make no assumptions.  Here the bus and train schedules are reduced on Sunday, so on the way home from Paris we missed the last bus home in addition to missing one of our stops because the train made an extremely quick stop and the exit door in our car was out of order.  Even so, we still would have missed the last bus home.  Luckily, an innocent driver pulled into the gas station and was cornered and persuaded to drive us home.  People here are very accomodating.  Think about it - would the first stranger you saw at night be willing to drive out of his way to take a couple foreigners home?

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