Saturday, February 13, 2010

The market debacle

So the bus ride was timed for a leisurely coffee until the Tourist Office opened.  They directed me to the post office practically across the street from where I had my coffee.  In my defense, no big post office sign was visible.  Postcard stamps to the US are .90 Euros (over a dollar each)  Now to the market with my list!  A clerk spoke enough English to answer my question: “Do you take American Express?”  and weigh a few pieces of fruit.  Into the basket went spaghetti & sauce, applesauce, yoghurt, lemon tea, orange juice, a few other things and of course, a baguette!  Checking out, I whip out my ecologically correct bag just as she asks if I have one.  Ah – hah!  Aren’t I clever – less than a week and I’m almost in the groove.  But wait!  The market DOES NOT take American Express and I am shamed into spending all my Euros on only the fruit and baguette.  Certain that I was a few Euros short, I am thankful the clerk took what I had.  Hey – wait a minute!  Wasn’t she the one that said they took American Express?? 

Of course, the bus that stops is not the right one, but I hop on then off at the next stop so I can hop on the correct bus.  The driver & another driver buddy were making fun of me (I think). 

Living and learning in Luxembourg.

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