Monday, December 19, 2005

Making a list

Today I went Christmas shopping. It was 12 degrees F outside this morning at 7 when my husband and I went to the garage. He drove the Aztec and I drove my car - without heat (one of the reasons it was going to the shop) and ran out of washer fluid halfway there. After dropping him off at work, I took the Aztec for a day of shopping. Since it was before 8 a.m. and Target wasn't open yet, I stopped by Home Depot. Did you know that Home Depot opens at 6 a.m.? I'm supposed to be picking out a countertop for our new cabinet and by extension the rest of the kitchen. No luck with that - On to Target! After that, the mall. By then, it was only 9:30 but as I shopped, more and more people appeared. Mall walkers were replaced by shoppers and by 11:30 it was crowded.

I love buying cool stuff that I'm excited to give to people. Some things come from my list, but others just appear on the shelves in the store. After an afternoon nap, I met my daughter for a snack. It's so enjoyable to hang out with her. My car was going to have to be kept, so I had to get going to pick up my husband, but on the way he called to say they finished it so I could go straight home. Too bad there was two slow spots on the expressway. Good news: the car repair was less than we thought!

Lastly, I worked on Christmas cards. Left to do: wrapping, a few more gifts, cards - oh and we don't have our tree up. Still, good for one day.

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